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The Cinematic Dream Tool

Repurposed and redesigned from the software up, we can now capture complex shots that were near impossible before now.

What is RoboCinematics

Motion control robotics were originally developed and created for the automobile manufacturing world as a means for precise and repeated actions to speed up the assembly line. The range of complicated, dynamic motion these robots provided, opened up a new world of potential, and were soon discovered by filmmakers to be a cinematic dream tool.

Motion control robotics have been recognized as a powerful cinematic tool and are frequently used to capture shots that can be recognized in national commercials.

Using a cinema robot can increase a productions efficiency, improve precision and repeatability, and perform complex movements that would be difficult or impossible for a human operator to achieve, opening up new creative possibilities that will elevate your production to a whole new level.

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Slow motion camera moves
Cork screw camera moves

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